Talent management encompasses all activities required to recruit, retain, and develop talent, as well as having the right structure and processes in place to ensure professionals can perform optimally. Key propositions include strategic workforce planning – the science to anticipate on present and future human capital needs by matching business goals with HR data – recruitment & retention, workforce effectiveness, and performance management At MS Staffing we help organizations recruit the right talent, develop them, manage their expectations, and develop plans to retain them.


Performance management integrates many elements of successful people management such as setting goals and expectations, giving continuous feedback, recognizing and rewarding performance, creating development opportunities, and improving the skill levels of staff. We understand that many businesses are so busy with financing, marketing, and sales that their employee performance is often neglected…but at what cost? High performing staff can provide a clear differentiator to your competitors and we can provide the expertise to: Align staff objectives to your business goals
1. Improve performance levels
2. Facilitate regular performance feedback
3. Develop staff skills, knowledge & experience
By implementing training and development in the workplace, you are not only creating a benefit for employees by enhancing their skills but you create a return on your investment by enhancing their performance.



It is inevitable that from time to time relationships in the workplace can become strained or breakdown. These can be damaging in terms of morale and lost productivity and costly if the dispute escalates to an employment tribunal. These may center on:
1. Performance issues – failure to perform duties to an acceptable standard
2. Conduct issues – such as persistent bad timekeeping, dishonesty, unauthorized absence, poor attendance, abusive behavior, failure to observe Company procedures.
3. Workplace complaints against fellow workers, the management or working conditions
We can ensure that you have legally compliant procedures in place and provide you with expert support in dealing with any issues quickly and effectively at every stage.


The need for effective policies and procedures has never been more important in today’s workplace. This is driven by increasing changes to legislation and regulations. Having the right policies in place will ensure that you:
1. Save time by handling a problem quickly through an existing policy
2. Reduce the risk of costly disputes by being legally compliant
3. Maintain uniformity and consistency in decision making
Problems quickly arise on many seemingly minor matters if there is no clear policy. For example, making personal phone calls or surfing the internet during work time. We can review existing policies or provide you with new policies and Handbook to suit your individual needs.