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Improve your business results through our holistic talent management of people, processes, tools, and analytics.


We identify, attract, interview, select, hire, and onboard employees for Companies.

Talent Management

Enhance Employee Engagement & Productivity, Reskill Your Workforce.

Payroll Management

We provide a simple, affordable way of paying employees, filing taxes etc.

Training and Development

We train your employees to strengthen their skills for the job.


Lower your Administration Costs and Increase Employee Retention

MS Staffing makes it easy for businesses to be great employers. We save you time and money on HR!


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We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our goal is to offer our clients the option that best suits their needs, be it a short or long term assignment, or on a project or ad hoc basis and our research effectiveness, innovation, flexibility, and professionalism make us an effective resource for your organization.


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We take the time to develop strong working relationships with our clients by understanding their business, their needs, and the company culture. With that understanding and with the knowledge and expertise gained from over 14 years of experience in human resources, we recommend solutions that align with business priorities and then support clients in implementation.



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  • Manager
    MS Staffing is our HR Business Partner and we have had a very positive experience with the company. We were maneuvering our way in an already struggling economic environment when the coronavirus pandemic hit. The lockdown almost brought us to our knees and it was during this period that we tasked MS Staffing with the job of completely overhauling our HR structure starting with employee performance objectives and new and innovative compensation structures. MS Staffing also developed a soft skills training program for us to enhance our human capital potential. It was eye opening to see our staff fully grasp their roles within the organization and take ownership of their individual contributions to the whole. MS Staffing took the time to understand who we were and where we wanted to go. They added value to our organization by leveraging the strengths of our staff and creating working channels that allowed them to shine on their own and earn the credit that comes with that. The level of effectiveness we experienced with MS Staffing is unparalleled and the results are already clear as we have surpassed pre-covid 19 targets despite all the challenges that everyone else is experiencing. We are very satisfied with MS Staffing and are very happy to recommend them any day!
    Vera Causa Realty Limited
    I would highly recommend MS Staffing. Their communication was amazing throughout and they are very accommodating. Many of the candidates we recruited through MS Staffing moved into supervisory positions within a year of joining Shop n Save Supermarkets, which is a testament to the quality and the good fit of the candidates we get. In addition, MS Staffing is friendly, personable and responsive which makes it a pleasure to work with. We would definitely use them again. Their quality of work is second to none. Thank you.
    Shop n Save Supermarkets